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So I was browsing wiki for no apparent reason and I find this under Hungarian language:
"In addition, there are separate prefixes for up to the eleventh ancestors and tenth descendants (although there are ambiguities and dialectical differences affecting the prefixes for the fourth (and above) ancestors):

Apa (father) -> Nagyapa (grandfather) -> Dédapa (great-grandfather) -> Dédnagyapa (great-great-grandfather) Ükapa (great-great-great-grandfather) Üknagyapa (great-great-great-great-grandfather) -> Szépapa (great-great-great-great-great-grandfather)-> Szépnagyapa (great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather) -> Óapa (great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather) -> Ónagyapa (8X great-grandfather) -> Ősapa (9X great-grandfather) -> Ősnagyapa (10X great-grandfather) -> Boldogapa (11X great-grandfather) -> Boldognagyapa (12X great-grandfather)”

…….azta paszta  XD

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Hetalia: Nations in Hungarian *Masterlist*


because I seriously have nothing better to do (`-`)
I see many Hungary RP blogs around here, some of whom do not speak the language, which is totally OK, it is one heck of a language to learn…..so….
Here is a helpful little list of the countries and the nationalities!! For any reference it is needed for, Hetalian or not, feel free to browse and look through this list! :)

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Somewhere in Europe is a Hungarian movie about (post) WWII, but I can’t English so here’s the summary from amazon.

Directed by Geza Radvanyi and co-written by legendary film critic and scholar Bela Balazs, SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE is a De Sica-like tale of homeless war orphans in devastated postwar Hungary. Living by their wits and stealing to eat, a ragged band of scavenging children take refuge in a ruined castle, only to discover it’s inhabited by an eccentric orchestra conductor who has been emotionally and spiritually destroyed by war. Both children and adult find a renewed sense of community and hope until a bitter encounter with “civilized” society proves it’s as cruel as ever.

My point is they made a musical from it with (in my opinion) beautiful, beautiful songs like this one.

couldn’t find the lyrics in English and I don’t have the strenght to translate it now, maybe tomorrow

Nagy kedvenc, de én valahogy ezeket jobban szeretem:

Hiába, a keserédes dolgok a kedvenceim! ;)

És ezt se felejtsük el! ;)

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Have you seen the hungarians? ;)

Magyar Vándor (Hungarian Wanderer) a movie, wich guides the watchers through the 1000 years of hungarian history, in a humorous way. The seven leader of the ancient hungarians after waking up a hard night, suddenly realizes, their tribe got vanished. Having no other chance, they start to search for the hungarians - and eventually found them in the end.

Not sure, if this movie has any foreign dvd release. And the puns and jokes in this movie needs hungarian knowledge - and I still haven’t mentioned the “word jokes, works only in hungarian” case. However, if you have both of these acquaintances, then the movie is quite enjoyable.

Abszolút kedvenc! *.*

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Let me teach you: For Hungary RP or fanfic or whatever


I always see Hungary usually only saying “szia”, but in truth Hungarians don’t always greet using that… I would love to see a variety so I will provide you guys a list of greetings and such that are used every day in Hungarian! This is something the translators cannot really translate as well because it’s more like a cultural thing I guess.

Informal Introduction:
- Szia! (used for both hello and goodbye)
- Helló! (self explain)
- Hahó!

- Hali!/ Halihó! (just complicating simple “halló” with all this cutening stuff)
- Szervusz! (like the Austrian servus except this is the Hungarian version

- Hé! (hey!)

- Üdv! (shortened version of Üdvözlet or welcoming)

- Üdvözöllek! (I welcome you), Üdvözlünk! (we welcome you)

- Halló? (this is what you say when you pick up the phone)
- Mizujs? (what’s up?)
- Hogy megy? (how is it going?)
-Hogy vagy? (how are you?)

- Szevasz!
Informal Goodbye
- Szia!
- Csá!
- Pá!
- Viszlát! (shortened version of formal Viszontlátásra)

-Csákó (gangsta-talk not)
- and again people invent their own ways usually °v°”

Formal Introductions

- Jó napot/reggelt/estét/éjszakát! (Good day/morning/evening/night!)
- Szép jó napot! (just a nicer version of this ^)
- Csókolom!/ Kezét csókolom! (literally means “kiss your hand”; this is how young children greet older people besides their family)
- Üdvözöljük (if it’s something really formal like a hotel, the word önt is added)
- Isten hozta! ( means “God brought you!”) plural is Isten hozott!

Formal Goodbye
- Viszontlátásra! (“until seeing”; totally copied from the German auf wiedersehen)
- Isten áldjon! ( “God bless you” ; this is used when you say like goodbye to a person possibly forever)
- Elbúcsúzom (“I am saying my goodbyes”) (sounds tragic to me, and it is used in those situations)

Yes or no?


- Igen.
- Aha.
- Ühüm.
- Jah. (slang)

-Persze! (of course!)
-Naná! (of course!) ( like as in “wanna play?” “naná!!!”)
In between?
- Szó-szó. (so so)
- Hogyis mondjam… (“how should I say it?”)


- Nem. ( if you are asking someone like “you like that guy?” and they answer nem and it is very obvious they do, usually the other person says “de.” which is like “yes you do” so it’s kind of like teasing XD)
- Dehogy! (“of course not”)
- Ne már…. (“come on don’t..”)

Filler sounds?
- Ó!/ Ja! (both mean “oh!”) (but ja as you can see is also meant as yes in slang but usually always it will mean “oh”) <—- let’s see you get this wrong
- Jaj! (uh oh) some people do say “ajaj!”
- Ne! (don’t)

- Na! (“come on!”) ( ex. Na, gyere ki! “come on, come out” )
- Izé… (stumbling word; means “thing”)
- Ööööö… (stumbling) (in English it’s like “uhhhhh”)
- Hát.. (well)
- He? (like “eh?” though I find this hilarious cause he is the reverse of eh XD)
- Mi? (“what?”)

- És? (“And?”)
-Úúúúú… (like when someone gets caught in class or something and the whole class says “ooooooh”)
- Aúú! (“oww!”)
- No! (“so!” like when you are about to begin something like so, what am I gonna do?)
- D.d..de! (“b.b..but!”)

- Nini! (“well look here!”) Nicsak! (is also a version of this)

Some things you might need along the way to get relationships straight:
- Barátom (my friend)
- Barátnőm (my friend(okay this is like when you are a girl and you have other friends that are girls it’s a confusing concept but that’s the case; for guys it means girlfriend; in case of lesbians I will get to that in a sec)
- Pasim (“my guy” aka boyfriend)
- Csajom (“my girl” aka girlfriend)

- Szeretlek! (“i love you”)

- Imádlak (“i worship you” this usually refers to like REALLY loving someone from the bottom of your heart)(but friends also use this to tell each other how much they love each other ex. Imádlak Fruzsi és Vivi!!! or Imádlak titeket!! (“i worship you” but in plural second person)
- Szerelmem (“my love”)
- Szerelem (“the love”; like the concept of love; usually refers to two-people in a relationship)
-Szeretet (“the love”; like the concept of love; usually refers to any love (friends, family, girlfriend and boyfriend, etc.)
- Édesem (” my sweetie” :3)
- Szívem (“my heart”) Szívecském (more play on the word, it makes the word sound cuter, yes this language is very confusing you can make anything sound EXTEREMELY KAWAII DESU CUTE) *I can explain it to you if you want it’s not that hard so send me a message in case you do care*
- Cicám (” my kitten”; lol don’t get funny ideas (though it could mean those flirty people), parents tend to call their kids kittens like my mom)

- Virágom (“my flower” usually in folklore culture, because girls represent the idea of flowers FREAKING EASTER IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS )
-Kedvesem (“my dear”) this is very cute and very romantic and widely used so use it to your heart’s content!! >W<
- Szépségem (“my pretty”; why do I always imagine a guy rubbing his car while saying this oh yeah because of my brother)

- Puszi (OMFG NO IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT STOP) (it means a short kiss or just kisses in general)(like you sign a letter: “Puszi: *name*” or you say bye to a person online or on the phone “puszi szia”; usually used as a noun, but the verb form is puszilkodás which refers to the formal greeting when you kiss people on the cheek when you meet your friends or relatives
- Csók (usually refers to a passionate kiss, the kinds that are special or last for a long time) (like if a couple is kissing it’s called “csókolózás”); megcsókoltam (i kissed him/her);megcsókolt (he/she kissed me); megcsókoltál (you kissed me)

- Testvérem (my sibling; also shortened version usually used is tesóm )
- Bátyám (my older brother); you call him bátyus or bátyuskám(this is the cuter version little kids might use) öcsém (my younger brother);you call him öcsi
- Nővérem (my older sister); you call her nővérkém; húgom (my younger sister); you call her hugi
- Apa(dad) :papa, papus, édesapám( “sweet father” this is meant as an affectionate name); anya(mom):mama, mamus, édesanyám (same description as dad)
- Nagyanyám (my grandmother): nagymama, nagyi, nagyanyóka(cute and affectionate); Nagyapám(my grandfather): nagypapa, nagyapus, nagyapóka(cute and affectionate)


Feel free to message me about anything you have questions on or if you are wondering about something else! ( ° v ° )/*

*Hungarians are also known for their wonderful talents in cursing, I am okay if you ask me about that too….

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Guide to Pronounciation


For those who follow me for Hungarian? Uh or basically anyone I guess. All you need to do to pronounce things right in Hungarian is….

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“Keep calm and carry on”?
No-no, nem úgy van az ám! Ezentúl ezt használom :D
Az ötlet Nita Cerberus érdeme.


“Keep calm and carry on”?

No-no, nem úgy van az ám! Ezentúl ezt használom :D

Az ötlet Nita Cerberus érdeme.

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default album art
Song: Induljon a banzáj!
Artist: Bonanza Banzai
Played: 29 times.


i literally cannot stop listening to this oldie nowadays so here, for your dashboards so you can listen to it too UwU

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The Doctor sees Whovian